July 30th Blue Lives Matter Rally

Spreading the word from our fellow patriots in the county. There will be a Blue Lives Matter Rally at the courthouse this Saturday July 30th 2016 at 11AM. More details on the event here. Be sure to invite all of your friends! When/Where July 30th, 11-Noon Allen County Courthouse

2016 Briefing, Open Meeting Dec 17th

What does the GOP stand for? Conservative Values? Does not seem like as of late, considering that the Republican legislator is considering passing a SOGI law in the statehouse as soon as session resumes. Think of it, Republican Governor and Republican super-majorities, but the left’s agenda continues to push forward. Had enough? We at the TEA Party have. What can we do? We have the solution.

Constitution Week

It is Constitution week this week and the Allen County Tea Party is having a Constitution day forum with the US 3rd Congressional District Candidates to talk about the Constitution. This will take place on the 17th, click here for more details. There are many different aspects to the US Constitution, the first ten amendments…

Teflon Don in Charge

It has been a month since the first presidential debate, the initial reaction was that the Donald lost the debate. In the last by the numbers article written before the debate, I wrote that the race was between 3 main contenders. Trump, Walker and Bush. However after the debate, the Donald now has a commanding…