Republican Leaders Deceive Their Own Party and Team Up with Obama

It’s obvious that Republican leaders in the House and the Senate really wanted what they got in the Cromnibus spending bill because they lied to members of their own party and worked with Obama to get it passed. The large spending bill funds Obama’s amnesty through the end of February and Obamacare through September. This prevents our newly elected congress from defunding and stopping Obamacare until Sept 2015. The 1.1 Trillion dollar spending bill first passed the House Thursday the 11th , 219-206, but barely made it to the floor. Here’s what happened.

On any bill, the vote on the RULE must first pass, but Thursday it failed 212-214. This would have killed the bill. It’s important to note that every Republican Congressman from Indiana voted for the rule except Congressman Marlin Stutzman. Jackie Walorski, Todd Rokita, Susan Brooks, Luke Messer, Larry Bucshon, Todd Young all voted lock step with John Boehner’s wishes.

However, Republicans left the vote open and Marlin changed his vote along with one other congressman at the last minute, passing the rule 214-212. Sixteen Republicans voted (final vote) against the rule along with every Democrat. Between the vote on the rule and the vote on the bill later that night, John Boehner turned to and worked with Obama and Biden to rally support from Democrats to pass 219-206. Including Marlin Stutzman, 67 Republicans voted against the bill, but Obama rallied 57 Democrats to pick up the Republican slack.

The vote on the rule was the main obstacle to the bill passing in the House. Marlin originally voted no, but switched his vote to yes. After several days, Marlin broke silence in an interview with WOWO’s Pat Miller Wednesday afternoon claiming he was lied to. Marlin was told, by Republican leaders, the long-term spending bill was dead and it was going to be replaced with a short term bill. On WOWO, Marlin explained that he and many other conservatives wanted a short term spending bill and were opposed to the Cromnibus bill. He later voted NO on the actual bill itself. The rule vote was 214-212 and if the congressman had not been so trusting of Republican leaders, the bill would have been stopped. So why did Marlin change his vote?

It’s called the Same Day Rule, which means that if the rule had failed then both the Cromnibus and Short Term bill would have been dead. Once Marlin was told Republican leaders were replacing the Cromnibus with the short term bill and they needed the rule to pass, he changed his vote. For now, Marlin refuses to name who approached him, giving them a chance to come clean, but multiple sources are verifying truth to Marlin’s claim.
The big questions now are, when is Marlin going to disclose who approached him and who is he going to support for Speaker of the House?

Then there’s the Senate. On Saturday night Cromnibus bill passed its final hurdle in the Senate and was adopted by a 56-40 vote. Senators Coats and Donnelly voted YEA. When the bill came up before the Senate in the dead of night on Saturday, the Senators voted yea on both the cloture vote and the bill itself. Both Senator’s also voted NAY on Senator Cruz’s point of order declaring the actions unconstitutional.

Once again both the Republican and Democrat establishments conspired to work against the best interest of the American people. Two Indiana Senators need replaced, but the drama over Stutzman’s changed vote in the House has yet to play out. The question is, does Indiana need to replace 6 Republican Reps or 7 in the 2016 primary?

Marlin Stuzman on the Pat Miller Program

Contact Information

Congressman Marlin Stutzman
Phone: (202) 225-4436

Senator Dan Coats
Phone: (202) 224-5623

Senator Joe Donnelly
Phone: (202) 224-4814

Full Breakdown of the Amnesty Bill

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