Allen County Tea Party Kickoff Recap

IMG_20150115_184257386From Bill Willcutts, President ACTP

Thursday night was the official kickoff of the Allen County Tea Party and the turnout was fantastic with over 50 people in attendance. Additionally, there were 15 people who RSVP’d, but either did not show or wanted to attend and could not. That is 65 committed people to restoring America and let me tell you, there was real power in the room. Many of those in attendance were activists who already have victories under their belt. They bring experience and knowledge which can benefit every one of us on multiple levels.

Last night we explained that involvement in activism is completely voluntary and that the only expectation is that volunteers follow thru with their commitments. After speaking with some of you last night and conversing with each other, we came to some realizations. If you are new to activism we want you to know, every activist starts somewhere. Even if this is your first step towards making a difference, you will not be stepping alone and more importantly, you are needed and welcome!

There is a saying. People do nothing for fear of not doing enough. Doing something along with 65 other people will have an impact. The one thing that you can do consistently is contact politicians when there is a call to action. This is quick, simple, and you’ll most likely leave a message. In fact, unless the politician has given me their cell number or I see them in person, I don’t get the chance to speak to them directly.

We also heard some hesitation in committing to anything for fear of not being able to follow through. We suggest first assessing what you’re currently doing and add something very small. If it works out, great. If you find it’s too much, just notify the people you’re working with that you have to lighten your load and continue doing what is manageable.

IMG_20150115_184016582Another common show stopper is being overwhelmed. You know you want to do something, are willing, and able. However, you don’t know where to start. Many of us have floundered aimlessly in this state and we can help. I urge you to contact me.

We are already going through the questionnaires and reading your comments. We would appreciate any additional feedback and suggestions. We would also like to hear any concerns or reservations you may have about the group itself and getting involved.

We put a lot of thought into the group’s conception all with the best intentions. Sometimes ideas are poorly thought out or poorly presented, therefore poorly received. However, sometimes, they’re just bad ideas. We’ve had some success already, want it to continue, and with your involvement we can vastly improve the impact.

Thank you for your interest in the Allen County Tea Party and we will continue to make a difference.

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