ACTP Members Meeting February 19th

Members Meeting Agenda

1.) Pray for guidance, common sense, and strength to do the right thing.

2.) Mention the Feb. 20 ReFounders Indiana event at the Statehouse, which is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will include acknowledging state representatives that authored or sponsored Conservative legislation, reading of HB1290 (the EPA nullification bill sponsored by Christopher Judy), and a “hearing” for HB1290. Note that other patriot groups have been contacted to join ReFounders and acknowledge other Protectors of Indiana Citizens and Conservative legislation for this session.

3.) 2015 Goals and Plans for ACTP

        a.) Help elect Conservatives to local government offices (examples: FW City Council, FW Mayor)

         b.) Begin Precinct Plan

         c.) Educate ourselves for the battles ahead and to stay focused and effective. Dan Thiele will provide some information on how we can improve our strategies and success rate.

4.) Fort Wayne City Council Candidate Forum

      a.) Format – we have two options – public platform vs. vetting each candidate

      b.) Create a Committee for this “forum” to devise questions and “forum” procedures


Thursday, February 19th 6:30pm

Willows of Coventry Clubhouse

4499 Coventry Parkway

Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(Clubhouse is at the Main Entrance, i.e. the 2nd Entrance if your coming from from I-69)

2 thoughts on “ACTP Members Meeting February 19th

  1. Is there a meeting on Fri., the 19th of Feb, also at Willows of Coventry Clubhouse?
    I personally think that your communication is confusing. Being straitforward will get more
    people out, knowing exactly when and when……….. also is there parking at the Tecumsh
    Library location, and is it lighted, safe?WE NEED to be getting the word out, we are fast
    drowning and with Justice Scalia’s death we are in a dangerous situation. HOpe prayer


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