The World According to G: A Conservative is…

20150316aWhat is a Conservative? If you listen to the mainstream media, and Progressives everywhere, they are racists, homophobes, misogynists, unpatriotic, and lying liars. So, why would anyone publicly say that they are Conservative?  The Progressive Left must feel very threatened to forego any logical argument and instead use every name calling and labeling response to Conservative values and the Conservative movement in the United States.

From a political philosophy viewpoint, the spectrum for politics runs from the hard left, total government control over everything to the hard right, anarchy, or complete lack of government. Where does Conservatism fall in this line? Actually pretty close to the middle, as Conservatives understand the need for some government, but believe in the liberties that all men desire and the personal responsibility to self-govern. It is interesting to see Socialists use anarchists to achieve their goal of destroying capitalism and the traditions of liberty that somehow still exist in this country. Anarchy is a means to an end for Socialists. Socialists use anarchists to remove opposition, and then remove the anarchists to take full government control of the economy, education, health care, government, and even social life.

Mr. Winston Churchill inferred that Conservative values helped to defeat Nazism. The Conservative believes that man can self-govern. The Conservative believes in the power of the individual and the ability to rely on one’s own intellect and will to conquer challenges.  Judeo-Christian morality, so hated by Progressives, underlies Western civilization for at least 2,000 years. That same morality helped keep civilization alive despite barbarian invasions, pagan anarchy, and no television for almost 1,950 years.

– G Dub Dub

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