The World According to G: What Are They Really Saying?

Sometimes I get so confused.  Some people call themselves liberal, but they want the government to run everything, from education to wage controls, health care, control speech, and more. Where is liberty in such a place? Some people call people that they don’t agree with extremists. Progressives love to call Conservatives extremists. But, if you look at the political spectrum, Conservatives are more toward the middle, while Progressives are extreme Socialists (you know, government controls everything), while the anarchists occupy the other extreme which is no government at all.

When I grew up, I attended Catholic grade school and high school. The nuns liked to speak about social justice. Now I see that social justice is the government taking what you earn and giving it to someone who did not earn it.  Entitlements is your tax dollars, your property, given to someone who is now entitled to your property. But, who defines who is entitled to anything?

During the Presidential race in 2012, George Stephanopoulos cornered Mitt Romney about women’s reproductive rights. The next day it was official: the Republicans were waging a war against women.  But since 1973, over 25 million baby girls have been murdered in the name of “choice.” What kind of choice did those innocent babies have?

Back in 2010 President Obama said that we could keep our health care insurance and also our doctors. Now we know that neither claim was true. Government healthcare, er, I mean Obamacare, oops, I mean the Affordable Care Act, is not affordable to a large group of people who once had health insurance.

I remember someone saying that Al Qaeda was broken and that Bin Laden is dead. Well, one out of two ain’t bad. And ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever name we are calling the Caliphate today, is just the JV. Seems like a slight underestimation to me.

And now we have Progressives fighting Progressives in the 2015 Academy Awards nominations.  Hollywood is so socialist, and so inclusive and politically correct, yet they couldn’t grant an Academy Award to “Selma”  just because the story is about black Americans. If Oprah is offended, then we should all be offended.  Just ask Al Sharpton.

And for goodness sake, don’t offend any Muslim. But, Christians are fair game because they are extremists. Just make sure you avoid those extremist Christians wearing their suicide vests.

– G Dub Dub

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