The Fall of Marriage

For Christians and traditional conservatives, the recent supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage was another slap in the face to the values that the nation was founded on. To many of us we find it surprising how such a simple concept of marriage being a sacred institution that was created in order produce and raise children in stable environment, can seem not only to be misunderstood by the masses, but openly now criticized and seen as narrow minded and bigoted. It makes many scratch their heads and wonder, what happened? How did such a small minority of people (Around %1-3) have such a overwhelming impact in changing the meaning of what a family is. The answer is simple, when it comes down to it, most heterosexual Americans don’t believe a family and having children is all that important.

That statement may seem inflammatory, and I am sure if you did a poll and asked “Is family and children important”, you would get a big YES. But what Americans believe when it comes to social issues, tell a different story. To start off with lets take a look at a couple of Gallup surveys on the social questions of the day. The first was conducted back in 2001 and the second taken this year.

By looking at the chart it becomes clear that the most significant decline in traditional morality was on the Gay and Lesbian issue. Now nearly 2/3 of a Americans do not believe there is anything wrong with homosexuality. Considering the propaganda from the press, it’s surprising that number is not larger. What this shows is that most Americans don’t believe that producing children is a necessary part of a long-term relationship. Also a declining birthrate would seem to confirm this as well. The Gay issue represents the largest overall shift, but it is not the most disturbing number. Now %61 of Americans believe it is okay to have a child outside of marriage. This indicates an absolute rejection of any notion that a family is an important part of childhood development. This is cemented by the %71 believe that divorce is also morally acceptable, show the lack of importance the American people place on keeping families together. What these numbers overall say is that nearly 2/3 of Americans are rejecting the traditional notion of marrying 1 person of the opposite sex for life and only having children with that one partner. To most, especially millenials, this life seems to restricting and close minded.

What is most interesting (Or maybe the most horrifying) in these numbers is the breakdown between men and women.

The first number, pornography shows that close to half of men now believe it is morally acceptable to objectify women for their own sexual pleasures. Seeing beautiful women as merely objects to be used may be a contributing factor to marriages not staying together or never happenning in the first place, and also may explain why men are twice as likely to have an affair or have multiple partners over thier female counterparts. What is surprising is the gay, divorce and having a child outside of marriage numbers. This all shows that women by an %8 margin is willing to be more accepting of divorce and having children outside of marriage. This would seem to indicate that women are more willing to live the single life and raise kids on their own, rather then work out any marital problems and raise children in a traditional home.

So in conclusion, the Supreme Court ruling destroying traditional marriage was only the final nail in a coffin that has been hammering shut for decades. The idea of marrying an opposite sex partner one time and only having children with that one partner and raising children in a stable environment, is no longer seen as the social goal of our society. Having kids outside of marriage, divorce, fathers not being in the picture, or simply not reproducing at all is the new social norm.

– Larry Hartman

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