The World According to G: Why Are We Trashing U.S. History?

Did you hear about the state of Arizona?  The state legislators in Arizona have the audacity to suggest that the high school students in Arizona be able to pass a civics exam that contains questions that people applying for U.S. Citizenship must be able to answer.  I saw an interview on TV of an Arizona teacher that feels that requirement is beyond the scope of a state legislature.

I have had the opportunity to learn about Common Core, current elementary and secondary curricula, and what the group Hoosiers Against Common Core sees as Common Core’s weakness. I have also read the textbook used by some elementary and secondary teachers to teach U.S. history and the U.S. Constitution. The common thread, pun intended, in the current curricula and Common Core, is the lack of U.S. history regarding the founding of this country. Certainly teaching Russian history would mention the tsars, the 1917 Communist revolution, and Mr. Putin today. Yet U.S. History taught in our public schools ignores the reasons for the Pilgrims to travel to North America, the reasons the colonies desired to separate from Mother England, and the attempt to create an exceptional country.

While U.S. History in our public schools concentrates on the mistakes that happened during our almost 400 years of history on this continent, our country has actually promoted some good. How many countries that had slavery as part of their society been able to survive and make slavery illegal? How many countries have struggled with prejudices and through great effort, both legally and socially, actually made strides helping minorities to better education and better opportunity? The mainstream media and those who benefit from keeping minorities down rarely mention the successes, but revel in finding failures.

The experiment started by the Founders of the United States is no longer valid. The Constitutional Representative Republic which the Founders felt was the best way to prevent tyranny and keep the citizens as voice of the country has been replaced by tyranny. The President now is an imperial office with seemingly unlimited power.  The Supreme Court, supposedly a co-equal with the Congress and the President, now is the “final arbiter” of what is Constitutional. The Congress has delegated much of its legislative authority to lifetime bureaucrats, technocrats, and contractors. Perhaps the wild swings in election results since the 1960s are attempts by the voters to regain some semblance of controlling their government. The government does not serve the citizens, the government controls them.

So, why look at the way this country was founded? The country has “evolved” and is now more “Progessive” with as many people receiving government subsidies as those who do not.  So, we do not need to look at the ideas that started this country, we need only look at the failures and what needs to be done to progress further.  Further into what?

– G Dub Dub

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