Patriotic? You’re probably Republican

Well the fact that many conservatives are feeling the country slip through thier fingers is not effecting thier patriotic spirit, however Americans of other political persuations are not as much as they once were. Polling data conducted by Gallup shows a disturbing, yet predictable trend. Americans are beginning to become, less and less proud of being American.

In this chart showing the trends since the year 2001, shows that after the 9/11 spike, Americans are becoming less and less proud, with the most profound change in the last 2 years. This chart only reflects those that are “Extremely Proud”. Though oddly enough, the country seems to be going in such a liberal direction (especially socially), you would think that the Democrats and the younger generation would be the most proud. Think again, conservatives still are the proudest of thier nation despite ideological differences.

The younger generation, fresh out of the liberal schools, are the least proud to be Americans. While the older generation are the most proud. Also interesting to note, that the Republican solid south is much more patriotic than the left coast. Then there is the ideological divide, Republicans are nearly %70 extremely proud to be Americans, while less than half of Democrats are.

– Larry Hartman

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