The World According to G: Are We Progressing?

Some people in this country call themselves Progressives.  Some call themselves liberals. Some admit that they are Socialists.  They all say that they are for progressive government and social policies. After all, we all want progress, right?

So, what is progress? Man moving to a higher level? More equality? More justice? More technology? More leisure time?

Do we see progress today? Most people I know have a cell phone.  Is that progress?  Most live in a household that has a color TV. Is that progress? Most people in this country have a place to live and something to eat every day.  That has got to be progress.

But what about how we treat each other? Some say that the reactions to what happened in Ferguson and New York regarding police confronting a suspect does show that our country has not progressed. Some say that the fascination with electronic devices separates people rather than bringing them together.

The propensity for one group to eliminate any and all opposition does not seem like progress. Nor does the propensity of a group to smear those who oppose their policies rather than argue logically.

The Great Society is now fifty years old. After $16 Trillion dollars of income redistribution, we still have multi-generational poverty. Public schooling has progressed, according to some, and not at all according to others. Teachers are better educated than ever before, but the students do not seem to be learning.  We have to blame someone, or something, but what?

We have progressed to the now standard “separation of church and state.” What has that done to the teenage pregnancy rate, the dissolution of the Black family, the disrespect for authority, the disrespect for the elderly, and the reluctance to accept personal responsibility?

Freedom of speech means nudity, sex, violence, drugs, party hard, immediate gratification, and so much more. But, apparently freedom of speech does not mean that you can offend someone, or some thing. Who makes those rules? That is one neat thing about Progressivism, the elite, those in power, make the rules, when it suits them.  So, that’s progress?

– G Dub Dub

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