The Left’s Cultural Rampage

The left’s rampage against American culture is continuing on many fronts. This week we saw the Cosby show which is a series that shows that african-americans can live in American society and be successful just like their white counterparts, was pulled off of the air because of Bill Cosby’s problems. Furthering the Cosby theme, Disney, which had no problem lighting up it’s park with the rainbow colors after the supreme court ruling, is also now removing a bronze statue it had of Bill Cosby.

The Dukes of Hazzard which was a show of stereotypical humor of southern life and the rebellious spirit of the Duke family, was also pulled off of the air because of the good ole’ boys famous General Lee had a Confederate flag painted on top. This, in the mind of the left, was a contributing factor to the psychopath that murdered the black Christians in Charleston, South Carolina a few weeks ago. Further on that front, we saw the South Carolina legislators removed the Confederate flag from the state house grounds. Furthering that theme of the southern purge, the city council of Memphis City, Tennessee decided unanimously to dig up the grave of Confederate General Nathan Bedford and move it to another location. Please don’t tell the left that there are Confederate soldiers buried in Arlington cemetery, they may dig up those bodies too.

For a final blow to American culture this week, we saw another activist judge refusing to grant trademark rights to the Washington Redskins logo because the word “Redskins” was too offensive to Native Americans. But is it really offensive to Native Americans?

First some History, why was the team seemingly named such and “offensive” name? The name Redskin was given to the team in order to honor William Henry Dietz who claims to have Sioux heritage. A “redskin” was also a common term to refer to Native Americans, including them calling each other redskins, just like they called whites “whiteskins” and blacks “blackskins”. The term itself is not derogatory, but in our hyper PC culture today, acknowledging skin color of any kind is a big no no (Except of course if you are a liberal network like MTV and want to criticize whites through a new television series). So how many people find “Redskins” offensive? Not many according to this poll.

The poll the AP conducted said that %79 of ALL Americans do not believe the name is offensive, only %11 believe it is. %11? They are denied a trademark because of %11? It seems to me that the press is trying to convince people to be offended when almost no-one is, this is a phony scandal, but when you have activist judges committed to advancing the left’s agenda, %11 is enough.

Another Poll conducted by the AP back in 2004 shows that %90 of Native Americans finds the term “Redskins” acceptable, and only %9 find it offensive. %9? What is all the hype about? It seems that there is an agenda behind this, rather than genuine outrage. The logo is what it is to HONOR Native Americans who’s land we took from them, we should allow the honoring to continue and respect the name.

– Larry Hartman

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