Not Quite an Embrace

It has been a month since the supreme court ruling, and guess what? The sun did rise again, and we are still here fighting the good fight. The Christian churches that continue to hold onto traditional values are still open, welcoming new members of all political persuasions to hear the gospel. Now don’t get me wrong, the storm clouds are on the horizon, and I do believe that the LGBT movement won’t be satisfied with mere equality and tolerance, they will demand absolute embrace.

The media is already %100 on board with the embrace, Caitlyn Jenner’s new show is about to hit the airwaves, there are several other shows which are ready to hit the air as well. The latest is a show about a gay pastor coming to a small town (probably with the idea of re-educating all of them small minded peoples). So no matter where you turn on the airwaves, there it is!

It seems like we are losing the fight for traditional values in a spectacular fashion, but are we really? Or is this simply a media trick to convince us we are. Remember, redefining marriage was not done in a democratic way, it was forced upon the states by 5 unelected people, and when the issue does come to a vote, it usually does not pass. So now that the dust has settled, how do Americans feel? You may be surprised by the results of this AP Poll.

Only %39 of Americans support the supreme court redefining marriage. That is below where Obama’s approval rating is today. But what is even a more exciting result is that most, %56 of people who believe when the issue of religious freedom vs. “gay rights” emerge, believe we should side with religious freedom over gay rights. So believe it or not, in the what I call the “religious freedom” phase of this battle, we do have the upper hand, though you may not realize it by watching the press coverage.

– Larry Hartman

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