The World According to G: What is Progressivism?

Ah, my favorite subject. We are all for progress, so doesn’t that make Progressivism good? The premise for Progressives is that man is always moving in a positive direction, but what does that mean? If man improves, then he must be progressing. But who defines improvement?

To the man on the street, Progressivism is Socialism. It doesn’t matter if the state owns factories, which is Communism, or if the government tightly controls “private” industry which is Socialism. Maoism, Marxism, Hugo Chavezism, Castro-ism, they are all the same. When the government picks the winners and the losers, that is Socialism.

In the case of the Affordable Care Act, to those of you in Bloomington that is Obamacare, well, we are now finding out what was in the bill.  Thanks, Nancy Pelosi, for making us wait four years. In one word, the ACA is a disaster. Destroying health care insurance by forcing health insurance companies to “cover” those with pre-existing conditions, or giving it to those who cannot pay the premiums, is just the beginning of fundamentally changing our country. Most health insurance companies cannot insure all of the uninsured, so they are leaving the health care insurance industry. The only ones that will be left will be the giants, like United Health, Anthem, and Aetna. The government will either put them out of business or funnel all health insurance to them making them quasi-government agencies that will be deluged with government regulation.

Heavily regulating health care companies, providers, and in effect, patients, is not going to improve health care. Some will be able to go to a doctor rather than the emergency room, but many who had health insurance did not get to keep it and can no longer afford it. Doctors will become salaried government employees who will have no incentive to be effective or creative. The doctor that you will be told to visit will see his or her forty patients for the day and then go home. They will refer you to the University or Big City hospital if you require much more than a pain pill. The best and brightest will no longer be attracted to putting in long hours, huge college debt, and healing people, because the rewards will no longer be there. Yes, earning a good wage is incentive to study hard, endure medical school and internship, and getting sued by blood-sucking lawyers.

Continuing the good news about Progressivism, look at the history of the Soviet Union.  Just one of many examples of Socialism that did not work. The Soviets were famous for their five year agriculture plans. By the second year the Soviets had to admit that the goals would not be met, so they would re-calculate and change the forecast for crops and production. By year three they had to lower expectations again.  Year four was no better.  But year five, ah, yes, year five, the Soviets created another, new, five-year plan that would outshine the last five-year plan.  They did that for over 70 years. Yet, the bread lines were long and the supplies were short. Except for the Vanguard of the Proletariat, you know, the Party elite. Like the Washington D.C. Bubble in this country.

– G Dub Dub

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