The World According to G: Things I Learned While Looking Up Other Things

John Adams, one of the Founders of the United States, as a lawyer defended British soldiers who killed some people when a mob attacked them on March 5, 1770.  That event has become known as “The Boston Massacre.” Adams said civil society deems it important that “it’s of more importance to community that innocence should be protected, than it is that guilt should be punished.”

Common Core is a trademarked name whose education standards and curricula are owned by a private company, and not the U.S. government.

The Federal Reserve is a private company, and not a part of the U.S. government.

An Algebraic equation, such as: a + b = c, is similar to a word definition. So, if you change “a” or “b”, then you do not get “c” for an answer.

The first slave master in America was a black man, Anthony Johnson, an Angolan, who had originally been sold into slavery by his fellow black Africans to Arabs, and who owned black and white servants.

The Apple computer company logo, the apple with one bite taken, is an acknowledgement to the contribution of Alan Turing for his work on creating a computing machine. Farthing’s work to crack Nazi Germany military code led to the Allies victory. He died after biting an apple poisoned with cyanide.

– G Dub Dub

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