The World According to G: How to Play the Game

What is a state? Why do states still exist?  Are states nothing more than a name and a word to give a university a name?

I am a Conservative, a classic Liberal if you follow Glenn Beck, but that’s another article. Sure, when did I discover that I am a nut case? But, seriously, I live in Indiana, a state filled with many Conservatives who care about their family, their neighbor, their state, and their country. We wonder why so many people are unemployed or under-employed. We wonder why so many people rely on EBT cards to purchase food for their family. The roaring economy is deafening in answering those questions.

I know some folks in Hoosier-land that do not like the way Washington D.C. takes our money, tells us what we can and cannot do, and then does not care if we offer suggestions that might improve our state. So, these T-Party folks (that’s TEA for Taxed Enough Already) have helped get state representatives elected so that our state can say “No” to unconstitutional federal agencies and regulations. For some reason, our state representatives don’t care, just like the folks in the Washington D.C. bubble.

If you feel that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, then why can’t you tell the federal government that it cannot execute an unconstitutional regulation in our state? It’s unconstitutional.

Our Indiana state representatives, however, will not challenge the overreaching, and unconstitutional, federal agency and its regulations. These Hoosier legislators are afraid that they will lose federal funding or grants if they even debate a law that says “No” to unconstitutional regulations. They take seriously the President’s threats that he will reward his friends (Progressives, both Democrats and Republicans), and punish his enemies (Conservatives, Christians, veterans, and old white males). These Indiana state legislators do not want to lose their gravy train, the Bank of the Federal Government, even though that bank is $18 Trillion in debt. These Hoosier lawmakers do not care if Hoosiers will have higher electricity costs, unnecessary ditch/pond regulations, unaffordable health care insurance, low expectation education standards, less religious freedom, and more restrictions on self-defense.

Similar to their much higher paid and higher profile brethren in the Washington D.C. bubble, our Indiana General Assembly just want to get re-elected and to look to the east for handouts of  tax dollars from the DC Bank. Protect Hoosiers from overreaching federal agencies and unconstitutional regulations?  Why, that’s not a priority, at least according to Senate President David Long, House Speaker Brian Bosma, House Environmental Affairs Committee Chair David Wolkins, and Committee Vice-Chair Greg Beumer.

– G Dub Dub

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