Teflon Don in Charge

It has been a month since the first presidential debate, the initial reaction was that the Donald lost the debate. In the last by the numbers article written before the debate, I wrote that the race was between 3 main contenders. Trump, Walker and Bush. However after the debate, the Donald now has a commanding lead. Here is where we stand today.

National Trump +%13.2
Iowa Trump +%7.6
New Hampshire Trump +%15.6
South Carolina Trump +%19.7
Florida Trump +%2.5
Pennsylvania Trump +%11
North Carolina Trump +%10
Arizona Trump +%17
Michigan Trump +%4
Missouri Trump +%12
Wisconsin Walker +%12
Ohio Kasich +%6

As you can see the Donald leads everywhere we have data with the exception of a couple of states, and that is only because Walker is Governor of Wisconsin and Kasich is Governor of Ohio. The Donald is now in good shape too be the nominee. Now lets look at the General Election Numbers. How does the Donald shape up against Clinton? Not very well according to the latest polls.

National Clinton +%8.8
Virginia Clinton +%10.5
Michigan Clinton +%4.5
Wisconsin Clinton +%16
Florida Trump +%2
Ohio Clinton +%5
Pennsylvania Clinton +%5
North Carolina Trump +%3
Iowa Clinton +%3
Minnesota Clinton +%5
Illinois Clinton +%18

Here are these numbers in an electoral college map.

Map created at 270toWin.com

As you can see Hillary has a good lead in the electoral college at present time. But it should be noted that this is better than Mitt Romney did against Barrack Obama back in 2012 as the Donald is winning in Florida.

So where it stands now, Donald Trump looks to be the GOP nominee, but the Democrats still have a good chance to keep the white house.

  • Larry Hartman

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