Constitution Week

It is Constitution week this week and the Allen County Tea Party is having a Constitution day forum with the US 3rd Congressional District Candidates to talk about the Constitution. This will take place on the 17th, click here for more details.

There are many different aspects to the US Constitution, the first ten amendments acknowledge the rights that God has given us. In my opinion the most important of these amendsments is the 2nd Amendment. Without the right to keep and bear arms, the government would have no trouble rolling right over us. So what do Americans think of the second amendment? A recent poll shows that on this issue, Americans are leaning towards freedom.

Why the shift? It’s hard to say, but maybe with a lawless President in the white house, as well as a press which is constantly pushing for more gun control laws, people have begun clinging to thier arms. As you can see by the poll, back in the 90s gun control was a popular issue, but now the gun grabbers are seeing setbacks. So it appears that on this one issue, conservatives are winning.

  • Larry Hartman

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