2016 Briefing, Open Meeting Dec 17th

Well the 2015 elections have come to a close. For the members of the Allen County TEA Party, we have been happy to take a well-deserved break. But two weeks after the election, break time is over. Time to start talking 2016. To that end we are having an open meeting (Open to everyone) on Thursday, December 17th.

One of the main focuses will be the Republican Party (By the way, despite popular belief, the TEA Party is not a wing of the GOP). What does the GOP stand for? Conservative Values? Does not seem so, considering that the Indiana legislature is considering passing a SOGI law in the statehouse as soon as session resumes. Think of it, Republican Governor and Republican super-majorities, but the left’s agenda gets pushed forward anyway.

Had enough? We at the TEA Party have.

What can we do? We have the solution.

Every four years, Republican Primary voters elect Precinct Committee people to be a representative of the Republican Party for the voting precinct they live in. If you become a precinct committeeman you gain access to politicians (Important).  BUT, (Most Important) if a Republican officeholder resigns, the precinct committeemen appoint a replacement via caucus. That’s Right! If there is a vacancy we can put true constitutional conservatives into office!

Point Number Two. Every two years, the Republican Primary voters elect delegates to represent various counties (or in Allen County’s case, districts) for the state Republican caucus. These delegates get to vote on the Indiana Republican Party’s platform, as well as choose the party’s nominees for various state offices. That’s right again! We can nominate true constitutional conservatives to run on the state Republican ticket.

Both of the positions stated above are true positions of power where your voice can be heard, and both will be voted on in May, 2016! You can run for the Precinct and Delegate positions yourself!


Is it hard to run? Nope! It’s easy! Come to our meeting on December 17th and find out how!

Other meeting details to follow… so keep an eye on this website!

Thursday December 17th 6:30PM
Dupont Library
536 E. Dupont Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Meeting Minutes

27 people showed up to DuPont Library. Among the crowd was Mitch Harper, Darren Vogt, Roy Buskirk, and Chris Judy .

A short talk was given about Turning Around a Failing Company/Organization. The Key to Turnaround is Leadership. Better Communication and Changing the Culture are keys to Learning and Turning the Company around.

The group then discussed getting folks to run for Precinct Committeeman and State Representative for Allen County Republican Party. No threats, just a hope that we get people involved in basic grass root politics. Handed out CAN-37, the form for those two offices. Window is Jan. 6 through Feb. 5 (noon) to submit the CAN-37 form to Election Board office at Allen County Rousseau Building, first floor.

Information about Precinct Committeemen: Must attend 4 party meetings (Allen County Republican Party) per year. Chair has 7 days to pick Vice-Chair after election. Candidates need help from Committeemen to find supporters in their precinct. Need to be dedicated. IF you lose election, can still get assigned as PC for another precinct by County Party Chair.

After discussion of precinct committeemen duties, we opened the floor to other topics.

Mitch Harper talked about the “Regional Development Group” that now covers NE Indiana and the power they are showing with the 1,000,000 Plan for economic growth. The push seems to be away from local/city/county and toward regional “government.”

Claim: 82 businesses in Allen County got a tax break of one kind or another to locate, stay, or expand in Allen County. ONLY 8 gave money back to the county as a way of saying thanks. One current precinct committeeman said that businesses only look for tax breaks and don’t care to give back to community. Many businesses threaten to leave Indiana if they don’t get a tax break.

Claim: Economic growth in Allen County is actually 0.4 % in the last decade.

Roy Buskirk expressed concern how the state is pushing tax burdens onto county.

New Indiana State Felony Types: numbered 1 – 6. State is making county pay for Felony Courts for types 5 and 6. Allen County had to get more probation officers and ankle bracelets. State dictates salaries for Probation Officers, but county has to pay them.

JANUARY 5 – Whitley County Patriots are hosting Bob Najmulski from F.A.I.R. (Foundation for American Immigration Reform) who will talk about legal and illegal “immigration”. At Church of Nazarene in Columbia City.

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