What is Common Core?

Common Core is the Federal governments attempt to take full control of the United States education system, which have traditionally been under the jurisdiction of state, local governments and private institutions. The standards represent a further dumbing of our schools and will make American kids less competitive in the global market.

Indiana had a chance to eliminate Common Core from our schools last year, however the state government instead adopted %70-%80 of the Common Core standards and re-branded them to be called the Indiana State Standards. The battle for our schools continues. There is a group of patriots who continue to fight the good fight. They are called Hoosiers Against Common Core their website is where you can find the latest information about the continued battle in the state.


The local Fort Wayne 912 Project has produced several episodes of their television show We the People dedicated to Common Core. Watching these episodes are the quickest way to understand what common core is and what they are planning on doing to our schools.

The Solution

The state of Indiana still has the authority to set our own education standards, so the responsibility to fix our schools ultimately resides with our state legislatures. The Republican Party currently has super majorities in the Indiana House and the Indiana Senate, they can fix this problem if they have the will. It is important for all of us to contact our local state representatives. To found out who your representative is, then go to this website and enter your address. and be sure to keep informed by visiting the Hoosiers Against Common Core website for further instructions.

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